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When I tweet, I tweet to kill.

Favorite gift I received this year? It has to be my new fat bald naked guy sulking in a corner.

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2067 days ago

Favorite gift I received this year? It has to be my new fat bald naked guy sulking in a corner.


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missjuliagulia9 1928 days ago

Didn't tool use this guy in their music videos?

sls012 2015 days ago

I just nearly vomited on my own shoes...

Reinke38d 2054 days ago

a0ue Hi take a look at Look013.com

Joshnjules 2054 days ago

'dude I have to take a shit... Just leave me alone'

Ashleygnakz 2063 days ago

sHi check out Look013.com

Jamiebro80 2063 days ago

Lol nice...reminds me of lemonparty.org you wanna gag look it up, I don't suggest it. Your gpa will never be the same in your eyes

pretendwriter 2065 days ago

1st impression: OMG! wtf! yuk. 2nd impression: OMG probably a small penis

K_McA 2065 days ago

I always did wonder what all happened to Bilbo Baggins without that damn ring...

HeyItsSydneyA 2066 days ago


audsolovely 2066 days ago

i think the old mans mad because he cant find a toenail clipper for those nasty hangnails! mee-owww!lol

vegas_sarah 2066 days ago

Damn and all I got was a Wii. Totally jealous right now!

1SistahT 2067 days ago

Mmm, ok I just threw up in my mouth a little bit.

TL 2067 days ago

He looks more like "Damn kids stole my clothes"

envisage_music 2067 days ago

A real Addams family figure without clothes.... some peolple can't resist a deal.

wrenchheadcb 2067 days ago

Who gave you Jim Norton for Christmas?

ksponsler 2067 days ago

They didn't get you the newest model. Fat bald naked guy sulking in corner of shower touching himself. cheap bastards

jasonwilhite 2067 days ago

I call bs on this pic Dane, I totally gave this as a gift to my Aunt and she totally regifted it to you, lmao.

angegear 2067 days ago

I'd sulk, too, if I looked like Uncle Fester.

Jennifer2809 2067 days ago


SeattleMommyMDE 2067 days ago

Wow! Where can I get one of those??