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2690 days ago


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litestar 2686 days ago

ummm, delish!!!

jwashington37 2687 days ago

Damn, that looks good

GerMelx3 2689 days ago

basketball + food = life (:

omgitsgill 2689 days ago

how 'bout them cavs!

missolivia1978 2690 days ago

orderin takeout just aint right for u next time hook up with a chick that can cook

swissland 2690 days ago

This looks nutritious and delicious ..mmm mmm good.

chinita09 2690 days ago

After that game, You should give yourself a good dosage of Cubbies baseball against schooling the Cardinals.. ;) just a thought..Bon Appetite!

ladyscorpio2006 2690 days ago

looks good..... Kill it tonight

bigtasha 2690 days ago

food looks good..

godz_son80 2690 days ago

LBJ is the KING!!!

BlackCstone 2690 days ago

cheese bread-nuff said.

SexyBabyGyrl 2690 days ago

that looks good, but I just made a banging ass bread pudding that would be a nice finish to that meal. Hope your enjoying your night :o)

Da_Westside_Don 2690 days ago

damn dat shit look good dey dont haVE NO SHIT LIKE DAT ON OLD NATIONAL

cdogg23 2690 days ago

who u going for luda? i hope the cavs

propheticdiva 2690 days ago

it might be time to get a new TV stand Luda...gravity my brother, and width to depth ratio...if a truck drives by, your TV gon fall

missrosales 2690 days ago

Where's the wine??

ulickymelikey 2690 days ago

Looks like the perfect set up to....I'm watchin speed pool on espn tho......

elysia96 2690 days ago

Everybody wit me drunk as fuck, break it down and roll it up!! Luda!!

lukaswinn 2690 days ago

Damn with all that DTP'd think Luda would have a bigger TV!! LOL!! Cavs won btw!

diamondt1918 2690 days ago

So who are u going for