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Robot builder, modelmaker and television host on Mythbusters.

Xmas gift from my Mom. Thanks Mom! #startrek

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2217 days ago

Xmas gift from my Mom. Thanks Mom! #startrek


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Rodger17m 2173 days ago

fungicide Hi take a look at

Fuzzybeard2016 2174 days ago

Grant, just out of curiosity, does the manual cover the bathrooms in detail? You know, the toilets

bryanjason 2176 days ago

Like what Vandabaloo said, I so want one myself.

Marilynhkodp 2211 days ago

dHi check out

StLouisMan2 2215 days ago

That's nice, but it's not a model building manual, is it? You understand? You couldn't build one and have it go into warp drive, could you?

DrTwitch 2216 days ago

So where are the D7 thru K'Tinga guides? My mate now has a new think to get me.

Rogerborg 2216 days ago

Got one too, annoyed to discover it doesn't cover my import model from the Mirror Universe.

Vandabaloo 2216 days ago

I so want one myself.

mfraz74 2216 days ago

Haynes don't seem to be the same company they used to be.

Retdsquid 2217 days ago

Make your NX-01 a hotrod by installing nacelles from NCC1701E, would Scotty touch it?

BoiledSpoons 2217 days ago

I got one as well! Wonderful book ^_^

RichardDDragon 2217 days ago

between this and 's NCC-1701 pizza cutter... best trekkie gift ever

MarianoBryant 2217 days ago


GeoJunkie 2217 days ago

Oh, man! I'm officially jealous!

drifter92 2217 days ago

So now I guess you might consider building a spaceship ? Nice change from robots xD

dvorrath 2217 days ago


Girochin007 2217 days ago

That's awesome... I need one to go with my Starfleet Technical Manual.

inquisitiveowl 2217 days ago

(Yes, I know it is not a Chilton, but back home, any auto manual was a Chilton.)

SharkyGBF32 2217 days ago

That is 1 of the best gifts that I have seen.

DoctorsBadGirl 2217 days ago

WANT! You lucky man :O