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2365 days ago


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blondemafiagal 2349 days ago


Crazy_Nook 2350 days ago

F*CK!!!!))))) IT IS AMAZING!!!!!!!!!

carmela05 2357 days ago

WWWOOOWWW... Watta ring!!! so tender!!!.... I wish u all da happiness!!!!

gytahnna 2360 days ago

Congrats Fred! We love you so hence we love her! Marriage is bliss!

HeatherLynn822 2361 days ago

Nice job on the bling!!!! All the best to you guys!

ravenlll 2361 days ago

congratulations! best wishes and much happiness!!

prisc2374 2361 days ago

Congrats and ALL the Best to the two of you!!!

Jamison_Lee 2361 days ago

congrats brother.

merjoe85 2363 days ago

Baby! Please ask Fred where he got it from it's dead gorgeous! ;)

kolev83 2363 days ago

Congratulations Fred ! Best Wishes and long marriage ! From the very biggest fan of Limp Bizkit and my Idol Fred Durst :-) Todor Belakov from Bulgaria

twistedhippi 2363 days ago

WOW very good job Fred im impressed!

Shauny207 2363 days ago

Now thats one freakin huge ring!! Very beautiful!

mitsy3217 2364 days ago

Love is patient; love is kind. Love does not envy; is not boastful; is not conceited. Love never ends...

KrisKrueger 2364 days ago

Fred, God gave u this girl....this is "punishment" from all "mistakes" u've made...u's happiness =:*

buttercup83 2364 days ago

that is one hell of a ring! i should know sold jewelry for the past 5 years.great pick fred!

SabrinaOnAir 2364 days ago

Oh wooowww!!What a lovely ring!The picture is sooo wonderful. I hope the best for you and I am lucky that you found the ONE :D Sabrina

FELIXjk007 2364 days ago

hang about, the wife is having a bit of a blonde moment, what she meant to say was, " if the one that felix gets me is smaller than that then he is in trouble! " ( but she is allowed because she is just so cute and sexy and she is my wife!! )

FELIXjk007 2364 days ago

nice ring, if I'm smaller then that from Felix I'll be upset :-)

marcipiousslah 2364 days ago

amazing! its good to know you are happy =)

tiffmw10 2364 days ago

Good for for me. I've been waiting 10-years to marry you:-)