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Of course the USS Enterprise holds a prized spot on my tree.

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2129 days ago

Of course the USS Enterprise holds a prized spot on my tree.


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Lafrance551 2114 days ago

bks3 Hi take a look at

Brendahnuyn 2123 days ago

hHi check out

DFG3 2127 days ago

Oh your so cool and lovely lady.

liviana2 2129 days ago

Hey ! Cool tree ! And merry christmas to you !!!

Tivochick 2129 days ago

I spy my Galileo 7: "Shuttlecraft to Enterprise, Spock here, Happy Holidays, Live long and prpsper.

whisper74 2129 days ago

What a great picture of two awesome ladies! :) Happy Holidays!!

Trizi24 2129 days ago

I love your tree. Merry Christmas Nichelle!

StarTrekWreck 2129 days ago

There's that ship! I think I see the Galileo, too? Merry Christmas, Nichelle!

jmralls2001 2129 days ago

Cool tree by the way .

jmralls2001 2129 days ago

I think she does have TOS Enterprise on there. Down and to the right of the movie one.

coegie 2129 days ago

I love it! Its very pretty!

MerlinsRabbit 2129 days ago

Your Tree and you look lovely.Have a great Holiday.

Rabid8264 2129 days ago

Do you have a TOS Enterprise??

literatewench 2129 days ago

Combined, they make an unexpectedly beautiful tree. I didn't realize how lovely they could be.

literatewench 2129 days ago

How wonderful! I spy a couple other Trek ornaments there too. :)

adenpenn 2129 days ago

I love this picture! Merry Christmas!

waellerwutz 2129 days ago

Happy Christmas. You have a wonderful tree

Reannew 2129 days ago

wouldnt be a nichols christmas without uhura or the enterprize

joshuamneff 2129 days ago

You and your tree are beautiful!

AislinKagami 2129 days ago

I see the shuttle too! so awesome