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Here's another pic from the boys night out! Kj x

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2492 days ago

Here's another pic from the boys night out! Kj x


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redsupanova 2354 days ago

Gorgeous men as far as the telescopic lens can see.:-)

redsupanova 2355 days ago

*shiver down the spine* Gorgeous men as far as the telescopic lens can see ;-)

redsupanova 2355 days ago

*shiver down the spine* "Georgeous men as far as the telescopic lense can see" ;-)

ImInRockTrouble 2446 days ago

how blonde is adam really. haha. cheers boys. what is that by kel? haha. x good boy jav. x

catmcgoo 2479 days ago

how blonde does adams hair look under the light?!

doriangray1999 2481 days ago

Great !! Come in Italy!!!!! Cheers!!! marco from Bellinzago Cameri

HayleyMarianne 2483 days ago

That's what we like to see!!!

arthurricane 2484 days ago

Wow is that Jim Lowe? I wonder if he's working with the guys again on the album(I hope so, he's my hero). I can't wait for the new album !!! I wish I can get a signed copy.

teenageblonde 2486 days ago

Love Jav on the OJ - ha - bet you have a few Sunday night!

24coedcae 2486 days ago

Your all looking a bit pasty,hurry up and get back out to Oz

jennie_mydear 2488 days ago

Hello boys, you alright, i see.

catmcgoo 2488 days ago

you're bringing sexy back ;P

MrBlonde77 2489 days ago

Sexy boys!!!

Isabellita 2489 days ago

aw Adam is so cute! x

elliebithell 2489 days ago

I'll just assume my invite got lost in the post. I'm sure a little female company would have been ok x

cwmanan 2489 days ago

Dont know what I'm liking the bext, the sexy chaps in their leather or the original 70's flock wallpaper!! - rock n roll xx

gemmadawson1 2490 days ago

Good boy Jav on the orange juice ...only 6 days to go ....COME ON!!!!

DeanooJ 2490 days ago

Lads good to see the main welsh lads with a table full of beer! Class acts! cant wate for the next album!!!!x

carnivalqueen88 2490 days ago

I have a profound question....If you all are in the pub and one of your songs comes on, what do you do?

SuziDusk 2491 days ago

Sorry to double post but just looking closer what is that pink thing on the table next to Kelly, is it just me or is a pair of knickers?????????