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Writer. Head writer and Exec Producer of Doctor Who. Also co-Exec of Sherlock with @markgatiss, and my wife, @suevertue. Also I block rude people.

TWITTER EXCLUSIVE: a sneak peak at my Christmas Special!

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2180 days ago

TWITTER EXCLUSIVE: a sneak peak at my Christmas Special!


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Jenny_smith2011 1846 days ago

Amazing work steven & your boys too :)

GHRobertson 2179 days ago

Happy Christmas to you all (Iain White from Greenock sends his best wishes)

Septum 2179 days ago


JIDE911 2180 days ago

Merry Christmas and Happy new year! ^0^

angiem577 2180 days ago

a strategically-draped glove on the snowman's head might look a bit like Matt's hair... :D

kinkan_88 2180 days ago

Merry Christmas!!!!!!!!!!!!! ^ ^

pinkytherobot 2180 days ago

it sure would beat the hell out of RTD's killer santas

pinkytherobot 2180 days ago

lol, killer snowmen i guess?

amoinzaghi 2180 days ago

Steven your boys are so adorable! Merry Christmas!

Jimbo6664 2180 days ago

Isn't Tom Baker missing that scarf?

BrookeFraserrr 2180 days ago

Wow beautiful set you have here

DevilsChildsMum 2180 days ago

Don't blink...

eptitudela 2180 days ago

That Ice Warrior has let himself go a bit.

Time_Hound 2180 days ago

Cute pic with your boys, but whose the gent in the back row? lol!

CarlViola 2180 days ago

The Three Moffatiers - and Mr Snowman :)

Al_Hine 2180 days ago

Killer snowmen next year?

doctorwhogeek13 2180 days ago

someone doesn't look very happy to be outside

tfreivald 2180 days ago

Merry Christmas to you and yours and thank you for the early Christmas gifts you gave all of us this past year, namely Doctor Who & Sherlock.

Badwie 2180 days ago

That's a great pic :) Nice work with the snowman and merry Christmas :)

DrWhoExpert 2180 days ago

It's not too late to give that snowman a crooked smile....