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.@80miles surprised me with his traditional holiday salami on this beautiful morn. #katzs

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2040 days ago

. surprised me with his traditional holiday salami on this beautiful morn. #katzs


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stefdragan 2027 days ago

if its from the graphics guy, DO NOT EAT!!!!!!

JosephEvans326 2037 days ago

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JosephEvans326 2038 days ago

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DenKrem 2038 days ago

That looks like some mighty fine salami there! Morning is best for such a lovely piece of meat.

trolldoll61 2039 days ago

How's ur salami ? good ?

Teresa_Elyse 2039 days ago

I'm not sure if you understand how this tweet is reading =/ Or, you do understand. Either way, gross.

beauregardclagh 2040 days ago

And thats no boloney!

MeghanDalyy 2040 days ago

Remix The Clips? Woo :D Oh and Happy Anniversary btw (: Sounds like a GREAT show tonight!

deniesevrything 2040 days ago

Who is going to eat that?? Good luck.

Mavmath 2040 days ago

There is an easy Brett Favre joke in there, but it's the Holidays so I will skip it.

FallenforFallon 2040 days ago

A creative meeting with a creative meat package.

abaker20 2040 days ago

If it is salami it sure looks good. i wish i was part of a "creative meeting".

joseramonmarmtz 2040 days ago

"Remix the Clips" and Ladysmith Snack Mambazo tonight??? this is gonna be awesome!!!

TwilightilDawn 2040 days ago

"Creative Meeting".... I wish we had this kind of meeting in my office :D .... I bet the Holiday Salami helps get your creative mind in motion :D LOL

adnan_ahmed 2040 days ago

open it!