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I just saw @peeweeherman on Broadway. I LOVE YOU PEE WEE!! (p.s. guess what my grandma just sent me? FRUITCAKE!)

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1502 days ago

I just saw on Broadway. I LOVE YOU PEE WEE!! (p.s. guess what my grandma just sent me? FRUITCAKE!)


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Thiago__tag 1261 days ago

Hey other Ev Fãn Art detected ^^ really cool

Vitoria__Hellen 1297 days ago

Amyy! forever in our hearts! LOVE YOU!

Vitoria__Hellen 1297 days ago

Beautiful! most important person!

Yulia__Yulko 1307 days ago

You are so happy here ;)

45backup 1313 days ago

Francisssss!.........I know you are but what am I?......Oh really, where are they hosing him down?! HA

HPAmo 1318 days ago

haha q foto legal..!

EvanLeeandro 1322 days ago

lol i watched this movie

PriehMello 1331 days ago

my #diva perfect <3 #BrazilLOVESAmyLee

S3atos 1420 days ago

You most beaitiful of the world!

jazz_ev 1423 days ago

haha picture great I mean I'm a big fan of evanescence listen to your music since I was 8 years, I greatly admire and look forward to his new album and sorry my english no is very good

amylee_fan 1425 days ago

Please, Amy don't hasten to deny your own desire! Watch this:

Darkaurore 1433 days ago

I love this pic^^

AylmarMolina6 1434 days ago

email me at: nicehornygirl (=at=) i got lots of sexy pics i am just dying to show off.

SweetGreyDream 1435 days ago

So happy!!)))Look great!!))

DougFanie 1436 days ago

wonderful ... His voice fascinates me! Miss you have to see and hear her sing and charm the world with your voice!

ashaleeann93 1437 days ago

adorable :3

Feh_Miravete 1437 days ago

I love Amy Lee

ahmad_paolo 1443 days ago

amy lee you are coooooooo;

SharitoSanta 1446 days ago

jaja!! that's a really happy face! jajaja You look really cute!

ashrulzdcos 1450 days ago

Hi Amy I'm ash, I wrote a song and I wanna sing a duet with you... Which I know is impossible but hahahahah. Cool pic!!!! :)