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Winter 1988. A woman cries in Hammersmith hospital. Silence, then a childs cry answers. Some say it was divine intervention others a cruel experiment. I am born

Physical depiction of mental strain due to snow. x

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1984 days ago

Physical depiction of mental strain due to snow. x


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aysequlayse 1905 days ago


PoisonousAnne 1934 days ago

I bet that in my country is more than in USA ;/

Julian51f 1966 days ago

qyva Hi take a look at Look013.com

ro_ultraviolet 1966 days ago

haha come to Chile! we are in summer and no snow =)

BambieBella1016 1983 days ago

Glad you are home. I am stuck in London trying to get back to America. Cross your fingers for me :D

tondaisy 1984 days ago

I love the picture!!! I feel the same way about snow:) have a safe flight home for the holidays!

lumarquez03 1984 days ago

LOL, I luv your picture and Jamie relaxes...anyway holidays and time to share with family coming soon.

DarkAngel_Emily 1984 days ago

oi I know what that's like.

cheekypixienz 1984 days ago

roflmao at least you will be home soon :)

lisEhoe 1984 days ago

Thats what I looked like when I heard today that we are having a new snowstorm tomorrow,

mari_amarula 1984 days ago

Quiet guy, in the end, everthing will be fine =)

sorry for the bad english.

Delicious_Minds 1984 days ago

I do exactly the same head when it's snowing! lol

fayelizzie 1984 days ago

Still a beauuuut x

PaulineLya 1984 days ago

Ahah ! :) Bon courage.

MeGabiSanches 1984 days ago

Jamie relaxes, then you will get a flight to London.
I loved the photo Lol

stupidcake 1984 days ago

LOL, relax dear, the snow melts (:

SchniekeMona 1984 days ago

Real shit situation. I'm really sorry for you. Hope you can make the best of it

Justme_diana 1984 days ago

Hahaha you hate snow... and I would loove to see snow one day

SerenityRising 1984 days ago

You must really hate snow o.O

MariaBeckett 1984 days ago

Awww bless ya ! x