It begins with me covered in sperm, trapped in my old man's balls. Then, suddenly... ESCAPE!

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1825 days ago


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CraiCrai 1820 days ago

what a small mouth he has...

bluejeans976 1820 days ago

Is he holding 2 phones. Such a fancy lad

brandonsmobile 1824 days ago

Most awesome duo since Jay and Silent Bob... Opie and Mr. Smith

ryan1_84534 1824 days ago

OP !! ya shaggy faced wack!

vegascable 1824 days ago

looks like someone is up wayyy past their bedtime

Goofy1148 1824 days ago

What ever you do...don't go to a Bruins game now!

stoutzchick 1824 days ago

Poor Opie! There's no curse...just bad luck. Devs will get it the next time around. At least I'm hopin'. I have complete faith!!

adeininger 1825 days ago

Gooooooooo Canes!

bostonjack 1825 days ago

Looks a bit rough for a man of only 28 years.

puddleofaids 1825 days ago

Sure you saw playoff hockey, but you both missed Road House annnnnnd a double showing of Top Gun on Bravo! ! !

JerseyDevilDave 1825 days ago

Was there tonight and when I read that Opie was behind the Devils I almost left, knew a loss was on the horizon. At least we're not down 2-0 like the Failures.

NickZanghiJr 1825 days ago

Damn you kevin smith. Why the hell did you have to bring the fucking sports curse? Fuck opie!!

GermainLussier 1825 days ago

At least you posted a the reason why the Devils lost for everyone. OPIE SPORTS CURSE.

DAS_K 1825 days ago

He got both of those at the super discount sale at Ted's Cellphone Emporium...

klr712 1825 days ago

The devils and 'tons of fun' luv the cock!

saucy55 1825 days ago

new internet video sensation.....2 phones 1 opie!

MomPOM 1825 days ago

Hockey? *yawn*

col_do 1825 days ago

Kev I'm sorry your Devils lost, but would it have killed Op to rock at least a little orange and blue? I mean for (Gretzky's) sake we have the number one pick.

nickeldean79 1825 days ago

Kevin you are so lucky hanging out with awesome people, you being one of them

NCBRI 1825 days ago

What a game! Go Canes! Can't wait for Sunday's game here.