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2073 days ago


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JammerMiller 2071 days ago

How ironic on the night of an eclipse.

NovaDraconisAE 2072 days ago

Ikr? It's so bright that it looks like the sun is starting to rise when it's only midnight

Selanoth 2072 days ago

As spirato said it happens very often in Sweden :)

spirato12 2073 days ago

i live in sweden and that happens so often here. But the way you sed it, it seems so rare?

AQPikachu199519 2073 days ago

Oh How I wish I was there..Every time there is an eclipse in Britain, it's always cloudy..=(

Deadlygozo 2073 days ago

I saw this clearly :D it's awsome and mind blowing at the same time

MrKouza 2073 days ago

I'm gonna be waiting for that eclipse. Gonna have a blood hunt.

LynKinz_Aqw 2073 days ago

The Luna Eclipse is happening at 2:40am eastern time in USA its gonna last for 72 minutes and 21 seconds and its post to be a coppery red color.

King_WerewolfAE 2073 days ago

>.> <.< WHERE?!?!

Teh_Mr_E 2073 days ago

I love it at night when the moon is full during the winter. The way the light reflects off the snow looks pretty.

HSsai 2073 days ago


TheHomoFag 2073 days ago

I'm in the U.S.A :P

IceCannonAE 2073 days ago

Night here in the U.S.A.

Methanius 2073 days ago

OH NOES! Look out! A werewolf!

TheHomoFag 2073 days ago

It's night for you o.o

MrKouza 2073 days ago

Remember that eclipse now! It's gonna be great... The vampire hunt begins tonight, Queen Safiria...

_daniloalves 2073 days ago


lilchris3000 2073 days ago

thats the sun

veneeria 2073 days ago

reminds me of my birthday last year, although mine had a pack of creepy bats o_o