It begins with me covered in sperm, trapped in my old man's balls. Then, suddenly... ESCAPE!

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paulhogard 2656 days ago

Smell the glove ya bastards!

LKid 2656 days ago

Real fans understand that the "front row" at a hockey game is actually a crappy seat. The boxes are better, corner boxes less so.

ialiphotography 2656 days ago

i'm not sayin he isnt or owt, but at a game u watch the game - the reviewing comes after :P

kimbushlow 2656 days ago

He's in a suite you morons

ialiphotography 2656 days ago

*LMAO* ur actually at the game?! *first time twit* r u watching it or just typing?!

Morningkill 2656 days ago

That's pretty far from the rink; how do you plan on getting to that burger they're slapping around on the ice, fatty? ;)

Devils_Girl23 2656 days ago

so jealous...i moved to florida and haven't been to a home devils game in years!...i've been watching the games from bars and no one appreciates my being a die hard fan...

SheriffScabs 2656 days ago

Even though BHawks are my true love, I still harbor a place in my heart for the old Hartford Whale. SO... GO CANES!

thecrunkpanda 2656 days ago


nullnotvoid 2656 days ago

Heh, high enough you can see everything....a REAL hockey fan! The Red Wings will be repeating again this year, incidentally.

joedfilmmaker 2656 days ago

Go Devils! Brodeur is the man! Love NJ #2 but the Wings are my #1 (hope Wings get revenge from that ass kicking in '95 if they meet in the finals). Have fun Kev from your boy Joe D.

jeff_himself 2656 days ago

Uh oh Kevin, is that awful low-brow sporting match distracting you from the opulence and excess of your luxury suite? What a shame.

Guy_Richtoy 2656 days ago

Dude, looks like you're in row z. If I was 'Kevin Smith' I'd be rocking the front row. Know what I mean?!

LKid 2656 days ago

I only follow Kevin for the hockey coverage. I like masochists. Go Habs GO!

Brechz 2656 days ago

Give someone a hug who can find you from your seat pics. For sure!

lykha 2656 days ago

Uh im sorry...what the hell you guys are talking about?

RonPugDog 2656 days ago

Is Opie with you? Looks great from the box. GO DEVILS!!!

ElSantos 2656 days ago

You should probably consider unfollowing Kevin Smith if you don't want to see hockey shit.

BrtnySea 2656 days ago

Who the fuck cares!? I really don't understand the alure and watching someone be competitive.

BrtnySea 2656 days ago

Who the fuck cares!? I really don't understand the alure and watching someone be competitive.