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2369 days ago


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alika72 2135 days ago

aawww...look at the wittle babies!!!

tzibell 2173 days ago


citascrazy1105 2364 days ago


Buckalooouuu 2364 days ago

You love the chicks don't u?

avbrv22 2366 days ago

I love that picture!

avbrv22 2366 days ago

Chicks Man!

JudyC_inOhio 2367 days ago

I love babies. So sweet and all precious.

usmcwife3521 2368 days ago

Love the pic!

icechos 2368 days ago

They are adorable! It's the simple things. It's nice to see you have taken the time to enjoy them :) Thanks for sharing.

Copperfats 2368 days ago

a nervous tweet! (okay that was corny! LOL)

kleinemouse1 2369 days ago

great photo...glad to see you so grounded and you can enjoy the simple things in life...

jenmaas22 2369 days ago

I am diggin this pic...precious-everyone in this picture! Thanks for sharing! :)

karebear1212 2369 days ago

no im no blond

karebear1212 2369 days ago

oppps (but i type fast) i forgot the fast in that one

karebear1212 2369 days ago

my little comment (ya probably wont pay any attention too) but i type all the numerous crappy employment ive had in time.. my mom used to me to a carwash and they had chickens in their to keep me occupied(i was like 4 i think)

terri513 2369 days ago

How precious are they awww.. beebee's

tonya872 2369 days ago

awwww how sweet!

basha1 2369 days ago

Oh wow little baby chicks how tweet

DebBee80 2369 days ago

They are so fun to watch. And isn't incredible how light they are and how cool their little feet feel in your hand? [don't forget to wash your hands, seriously!]

Lisa2994 2369 days ago

Awww brings back memories... We used to raise those... :o) Cute!!!!