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i told @thatrygood to #spoonswag, he decided to take it to the next level #forkswaggin

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1957 days ago

i told to #spoonswag, he decided to take it to the next level #forkswaggin


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BiebsJonasSwag 1657 days ago

is it just me or does ryan look like marv from home alone? lol

SivEriksen 1697 days ago


BelieberMayar 1728 days ago

thats more like #forkswag hahaah (L)

Cristalaria_1D 1748 days ago

funny timing to look at this picture i was just having a spoon fight with my bff i won!!

JavieraaSwaggy 1748 days ago

I admire that guy! never say never came out in! I think it's your stylist and image consultant! <3 but neglecting your always going to top the list of people I admire !!!

mariac3l3zt3 1749 days ago

haha <3

iKidrauhl4Ever 1749 days ago

Must remember that one ;) <3 lol

Im_Scilla 1749 days ago


JoyceeLuvJBiebz 1750 days ago

lol Swagga coach

LaylaLucy 1750 days ago

He is so cool! (In the movie it seems) laughs ...

PalomaAMZ 1750 days ago

hahaha i still remember that day, you put a lot of things about spoons haha, i used to have other twitter :)

Solchu_Belieber 1761 days ago

lol xD u made my daaay justin! #spoonswag #forkswaggin = #sporkswag ?)

Sarrahhh__123 1761 days ago

LOL. :D #forkswaggin Funny. Love you Justin!

miranmiranti 1763 days ago

lol x_x

HabooyaHaboola 1765 days ago

LOL!! OMG justin you're funny!! cant stop giggiling :P

RaawrrBieber 1766 days ago

AgnyLeo 1766 days ago

those #spoonswag and #forkswaggin things are so funny :DD lol, made my day :D

Michelle_sstar 1772 days ago

Hahah :D i love ryan he is so funny !!!

RajaaRocks 1773 days ago

hhhh ! :)

mariajulitac 1774 days ago

every time that i see this pic, i start laughin alot. Im gonna do #knifeswaggin . okno -.-