Drawing my life away. #ThugLife #GraduateOf2K14 #Sagittarius Dec. 9th. made it epic this is my personal armor

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1804 days ago made it epic this is my personal armor


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SolracAugustus 1705 days ago

this is cool Ken but i have no idea what to name it

kens_malice 1706 days ago

any1 have a name for this armor so i can put on fourms

Ninjudo 1768 days ago

Skin base color should be paler I think and shading would be like: 11111123* a # w/ greater value is darker

RednarReborn 1768 days ago

its amazing

mieteor 1768 days ago

wow I love this its amazing

DarkonDrago 1792 days ago

I agree. This is pretty epic.

FallFire 1803 days ago

wow, i love the brilliance of the armor. Great contrasting colors. Props all the way

kens_malice 1803 days ago

if its energy should we change the skin color 2 red 2 make it look like hes on fire

TyroniusAQW 1803 days ago

It's something like energy and it can be cc.

SerLucane 1803 days ago

It's very epic, but I dont know if the blue goes with it