Melissa Gilbert


Dakota Paul Brinkman. First born son.

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2141 days ago

Dakota Paul Brinkman. First born son.


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LittleGigiGirl 2111 days ago

OK, now I know Y I was confused. I thought this was Michael & couldn't understand how he got younger when he was lying on the couch. 2 different boys, duh!!

bigeasylivin 2116 days ago

Dakota, I have a pic of you and your mom with my niece, Rachael Breaux, I think you went to school with her, Houston??

RamonaLeigh 2116 days ago

I get that same expression from my first born son. lol

AnnMarieSD 2116 days ago


Corrina__ 2119 days ago

How hot is Dakota? Any chance u could set me up? Lol

garysmother 2119 days ago

ahhh he's cute.

sugarbee25 2123 days ago

made a mistake i mean very handsome man

sugarbee25 2123 days ago

veru handsome man

maritova 2124 days ago

I remember when he was born!! You were such an inspiration to me when my twins were born premies!!

4ut 2137 days ago

Dakota does not look pleased. Is he on twitter

chloesgran 2137 days ago

He is a handsome young man indeed.

RachelAnnieF 2141 days ago

Curls, awww.

princessfiasco 2141 days ago

That is the same expression I get from my son when I take his pic.

Lyssa_2009 2141 days ago

You know Melissa, he kinda looks like Jonathan, alittle, I know that might be a bad thing, but I think he does.

dreadw 2141 days ago

"Gee Mom, thanks for taking my picture" but you know he loves you with all his heart.

silverdiamond1 2141 days ago

very handsome young man!