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The joy of tonight is having my family here to witness this special occasion.

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2256 days ago

The joy of tonight is having my family here to witness this special occasion.


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JosephRobeRT326 2246 days ago

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JosephEvans326 2248 days ago

God bless the west I Thank God that drugs are Outlawed Joseph RobeRT326 Chayan Evans Usagainsttherest coming soon THSee

NickJamesGibson 2251 days ago

You have inspired me...That is all...So long..

skiner24 2256 days ago

Thank you Larry for all of your work! I have watched you since I can remember.

Lmeath_fracker 2256 days ago

LOVE IT!! xoxo

iarafoschino 2256 days ago

What a gift was to watch King 's son imitating his dad!

luciana_castaed 2256 days ago

thank you,Mr. king live!

luciana_castaed 2256 days ago

¡yo tambien segui su programa(aunque al principio no me gusto mucho;debe ser por el idioma ingles supongo;ya que yo hablo idio,a español)pero despues me empezo a interezarme las entrevistas interesantes y de lujo que hacia usted en su programa(¡como olvid

Ada051068 2256 days ago

Your show was really great! I'll miss it. Greetings from Poland.

NinoArt 2256 days ago

Thank you, Larry for all these years! Greetings from #Slovenia. I was watching you for 10 years..

hoyikping 2256 days ago


saintedwarriors 2256 days ago

Thank you for so many great years of great television. God bless you and family!

Yulijie 2256 days ago

Wow.... what a great special moment! So precious time!Happy for you Mr. King!:))

mlawrence17 2256 days ago

Goodbye Mr. King. You will be missed.
So long.

FILMIbollygirl 2256 days ago

anderson's farewell was especially touching... gwan miss LKL...he's got amazing kids!

ramiromendes 2256 days ago


Geotravel 2256 days ago

Funny how someone's smile makes a bigger smile inside a heart. Thanks for smiling for 25 years, Larry. God bless to your family.

Radio_Lady 2256 days ago

Larry, thank you for being part of my incredible life! The story is here: LuvU2

BetsyBurnett 2256 days ago

You're a Living Legend! Not everyone can say THAT!!

GayleCartwright 2256 days ago

Larry was the Greatest.Never showing his feelings on Politics I'm thinking Fox Lies News could learn something from Larry King.