Nick Groff


Executive Producer and Co-host Investigator for Travel Channel's Series, Ghost Adventures...Friday's at 9pm. I also Co-Founded GAC(Ghost Adventures Crew)

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2019 days ago


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StefGAC_H50_FAN 1959 days ago

what is int he backround the person or some 1

Sasha_Silver_ 1996 days ago

IIII seee yooouu that was fun.

_Monster_Bunny_ 2003 days ago

that's neat i like the idea u had!!!!

lizzie1089 2005 days ago

i found ya way in the back to the left..... great picture

littleIE 2005 days ago

I see you.. lol

GAC_Advocates 2005 days ago

ooooh what a pretty picture...but yes, to the far left.

iamCissy 2009 days ago

i think your in the left side far far away from the camera hahaha

tina4music186 2012 days ago

i see you all the way over there on the left! waaay over there!! lol very nice picture though.

steffylevina 2015 days ago

Yep! Center, three trees from left! :)

Lee_GAC 2016 days ago

Can't see the forest for the trees ,,,,,,,,,,,

HisSapphire 2017 days ago

Waaay in the back on the left :] Imma genius :P

Ghosthunter_Ron 2018 days ago

Your drinking a nice hot cup of chocolate milk on the right side out of this picture :P Wel i would ;)

GACFAN2421 2018 days ago

you are far in the back and on the left

music_chik16 2018 days ago

Found you! left side in between the trees :P

Zakbeganslover 2018 days ago

Upper left side

Zakbeganslover 2018 days ago


bansheekat 2018 days ago


GlambertBVB 2018 days ago

found ya!i think...look in middle left...sorta around there??

Lamiaceae77 2018 days ago

Love the trees!

nacechik 2018 days ago

upper left side?