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1982 days ago


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rachelhavanna 1799 days ago

I bet $$$$ on it I can BEATCHA! Lol!

kimmachelle 1955 days ago

I got next :)

lilyputt 1977 days ago

Luv the look of intense concentration on your face. Wish I knew how 2 play

dadivanana 1980 days ago

i like this pick

JDO706 1980 days ago

look at dat wrist. dayum!!!

ulickymelikey 1980 days ago

I'm sittin here a lil jealous right now...I haven't played pool in too long.....You look focused but you can't see my one handed!

Personality101 1981 days ago

lol you probably suck at pool...

Mz_Flynstone 1981 days ago

Nice pic!!!

autumnleaf 1981 days ago

What's up with the KC show??

TayeDaBarber 1982 days ago

this was July 6th. I like Shanna that Bitch all the way hood how that album turning out keep listening for da name Taye Da Barber

TayeDaBarber 1982 days ago

ludi I saw shanna last summer at the preimer in da CHI on 147th & shawty DTP'D IT ya herd me My manz Rob G could have kept PI tho, she tell u bout dat shit I wish we could have booked you 4 da show

RealGaryFrieden 1982 days ago

Waiting for your cue to corner pocket 8 ball?

TayeDaBarber 1982 days ago

Damn 100k I'm tryin to get you to get a cut SHIIIED!

tookipi 1982 days ago

Luda u looking real serious! U tryin to open up a whole can of whoop a**!

foreva_eva 1982 days ago

You're so sexy...

tonio21 1982 days ago


Jpinx 1982 days ago

Good pic...almost lookin like a watch ad or something...but u got me in pool & $G's lol

Amazonslimm 1982 days ago

Now u know we n a recession!

YuLuvHer 1982 days ago

yu might look gud doin it, but dat dnt mean yu nice! lmao! WADDUP!

TayeDaBarber 1982 days ago

Yo I got some game too homie. A the next time you in da Chi ludi Come fuck wit a Cut from me check da twitpcs I got and it's self explanitory I'm @ Ford City mallin a Shop calld Deb's House of beauty by magic photos I hop tha