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A look inside the meeting on Afghanistan in the Situation Room courtesy of @petesouza

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1969 days ago

A look inside the meeting on Afghanistan in the Situation Room courtesy of


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MissAquaris 1940 days ago

What could they be talking about??

Wicht104 1943 days ago

4inm Hi take a look at

charyn65 1946 days ago

So that's 4 shirmp po' boys and roast beef with extra gravy for everyone else? Love from N'Awlins!

jsimmons843 1947 days ago

i really believ in you and all you do. i may not agree with everything but i believe in your vision.

jsimmons843 1947 days ago

if anybody is reading this from the white house can i please be invited there for dinner. it is my only new years goal. thanks Mr. President and staff.

Blister1972 1969 days ago

"How do you guys like my $5,000 manicure?" :D C'mon with the captions...

Blister1972 1969 days ago

Hand check, who's jerking off under the desk during this meeting? ;) LMAO!!

Blister1972 1969 days ago

Hillary's eyes are always that poofy... ;)

rintamura 1969 days ago

Concerned about the situation in Afghanistan.Believe that the solution to peace.God bless... #PEACE

UncleSam13713 1969 days ago

Also for Mrs. Secretary she must have been in tears look at her!

UncleSam13713 1969 days ago

mr Biden look real sad ...someone bring him a cup of tea

Blister1972 1969 days ago

You know I likes me some Afghani opium! :D

Blister1972 1969 days ago

Now, how many more troops do we need to supplpy (KIA) to keep the poppies growing and the opium trade alive and well for us guys?!? ;)