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professional skateboarder, dad, videogame character, ceo, kid chauffeur, global hopscotcher, food glutton & public skatepark defender. I'm old; get over it.

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2138 days ago


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deadglamour 1932 days ago

i want one of these things so bad! gelatin :(

kinipela__75 2137 days ago

oh no... no... no, really not right!!!

neonhusky6 2138 days ago

that looks...really wrong.

LuvLee_Hunni 2138 days ago

Looks nasty!!!

DaWorldBehindMe 2138 days ago

exactly how big is this?

KaylaSueW89 2138 days ago

I dare you to save that and give it to a kid on next year's Halloween.

akrondave 2138 days ago

Looks delicious

MrsEvans10908 2138 days ago

Now you're sure that's a gummy worm!? 0_o

jamiehigh 2138 days ago

That's just gross looking but I'm sure my kid would eat it in a second!

lorez99 2138 days ago

looks kinda like the sex toys they sell here in amsterdam... ick!

SebSinclair1000 2138 days ago

LOL, its huge!

Pro_Pell 2138 days ago

that actually looks pretty awsome! :L <3

heyuuh_ 2138 days ago

grossss looks like an earth worm

MateusH4 2138 days ago

Oh Shit! Que porra é essa ? auahshashu

tiggerskid23 2138 days ago

Yuck, the kids should take care of that fairly quick though.

bruno_styffler 2138 days ago

ki porra é essa meu irmão shaushau ?

diegomoreira1 2138 days ago

What is this?