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2225 days ago

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IamGoalsetting 2225 days ago

SVG: i cant believe you just farted
DH: i had to let it go

IamGoalsetting 2225 days ago

lol howard is a fool lmao!!!

IamGoalsetting 2225 days ago

SV: like this Dwight you gotta look like this! Howard: Maaaaaaan *busts out laughing

AndreECycy 2225 days ago

SV: What was that play?? Did you see that Howard? DH: I’m trying not to laugh coach, but you put that play together. SV: Go sit down Howard! Nobody is talking to you.

scottie_k 2225 days ago

DH: pheeew! SVG: thats the most . . . at least i'm upwind

Sportsfan1968 2225 days ago

DH:What do you mean I cant wear my cape,I'm Superman!

DeMicheleGroup 2225 days ago

It always cracks me up when we play I Dream of Jeanie :) I just wished for a triple double :P

spursfan_rmj8 2225 days ago

DH: Dude, did you have beans for your pre-game meal?

accerna 2225 days ago

SVG: He's behind me doing it again isnt he...
DH: He has no idea i'm doing this! *giggle giggle*
SVG: I hate my job.
Patrick Ewing: OH! Patrick Chew-ing! I get it! Snickers!!!!

willmitch3 2225 days ago

Hey coach, it’s sing song time. I’ll start humming and you jump in when ur ready.

dabu1285 2225 days ago

DH: Wanna Play! SV: Don't hold your breath. DH: Imma hold my breath until you put me back in the game.

dubskillz 2225 days ago

Singing from his commercial, but changing the lyrics... "Faat don't lie"!

bbroad25 2225 days ago

SVG? Looks more like Dwight got hit by Stan's SBD...