Cee Lo Green


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greysonbio 1164 days ago

are those diamond?

maryUNLVEGAS 1567 days ago


KathrynJonse 1596 days ago

Whooo that's a bigg fuggin piece of iceee I wish I had it

tiffonly1 1609 days ago

Tell the haters to Step Back SHIT!! Is right thats a masterpiece killed this lady with it bangbang

wsydephat 1615 days ago

you sure do love ya joooory...Beautiful!

susieboo74 1619 days ago

wowzer! dat shit sure is shiny!

Cliop8tra 1627 days ago

ok..missed Lady Killer..retrieved from the garbage. Judge not, that ye be not judged.

Cleop8tra 1629 days ago

unbelievable. not in a good way. Lady Killer is in the garbage where it belongs. Only wasted $14

chapkitten 1630 days ago

WOW!! that is so pretty and big!!!:)

mzflux 1630 days ago

If you seriously spent 1 million dollars on that Lo, I'm taking a break on your album

WanderingSpir1t 1630 days ago

that's pretty ;)

ThompsonMcSnake 1630 days ago

It carries all the characteristics of a turd with short, stubby arms.

sd12836 1630 days ago

* are those diamonds?