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I blog about bad journalism, in particular the terrible things that the Daily Mail writes and generally retweet similiar things from others.

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1963 days ago


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SirOnTheMoon 1961 days ago

The Daily Hate does it again. That is one of the most disgusting and ill thought out articles I have ever read. Who wrote it?

ddhuy 1961 days ago

Shame, shame, shame on Daily Mail, BBC and all other media totally missing the point!

marcus_london 1961 days ago

this paper is an absolute joke

elegsabiff 1962 days ago

money where your mouths are, people. Club together and pay 's uni bills.

Spitefulwinter 1962 days ago

Unbelievable. Free speech and all, but the Daily Mail is garbage of the lowest order.

KellyClark_ 1962 days ago

fucking disgraceful

thunderbloke 1963 days ago

Vote to making Richard Littlejohn apologise to

SussexGoddess 1963 days ago

It suggests that everyone, including , went expecting violence. But it's the DailyMail

snakefollower 1963 days ago

Treating wheelchair users equally and giving them a beating for their violent actions: Do you think wheelchair users are in a position to be violent, riot-inducing people?

snakefollower 1963 days ago

Quite often wheelchair users, those suffering serious ill-health and in receipt of benefits may need the right for more peaceful protest than anybody.

snakefollower 1963 days ago

Anybody who has been pushed in a wheelchair knows how vlunerable that can be. I am sure so many people are behind

snakefollower 1963 days ago

Mockiong a serious incident is mocked. I can only assume there is deep set hatred for those who are more vulnerable. This is no longer a student issue but now an issue regarding health and disability rights and wheelchair users.

NishmaDoshi 1963 days ago

I hope that the Mail is sued for this via or any #disability charity. Disgusting.

123Nasher 1963 days ago

I find it Hilarious :)

Barnard17 1963 days ago

ever been in a kettle? I challenge u 2 b in 1 & find a way home without going near po' lines

you_twits 1963 days ago

Ah yes, soulless humanity vacuum Richard Littlejohn strikes again.

SuperlativeC 1963 days ago

hilarious "joke" about the disabled. well done mail.

Kafkafan 1963 days ago

This from the paper 'disgusted' by Aguilera showing her knickers on x factor

FrFintonStack 1963 days ago

I'm not, sadly. No matter how objectionable a position, someone will always take it.

Helen_G_W 1963 days ago

I'm just astounded by some of the attitudes that this story has brought out.