kellie pickler



Blame it on the mistletoe.

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1445 days ago

Blame it on the mistletoe.


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sj_esposito 1435 days ago

Is it the mistletoe or the wonderful man who stole your heart? I think it may be both...

_kirkir_ 1442 days ago

aww that is so sweet..very cute

ChrisHughes75 1443 days ago

Too cute and I am still jealous

allypec 1443 days ago

kellie, you two are so cute :)

janetmclark 1444 days ago

cute love birds!

TheReal_SandyXO 1444 days ago

that is soooooo cute

Macrumpster 1444 days ago

Do you have your mistletoe weave in? Girl you have some huge balls. I love them furry balls. Thats adorable.

bugger4ever 1444 days ago


jrisgr88 1444 days ago

Were all glad your HAPPY Pickles you deserve it

ShellieCMCPromo 1445 days ago

True love,ah yes,the mistletoe get's you every time.

Heidi2047 1445 days ago

Too the hats :-)

RonnedBucoy 1445 days ago

Ahh, sweeet!

brieluvspickler 1445 days ago

Cutest <3333

mytheras 1445 days ago

nice, you're looking more and more like Canucks everyday :-)

AngryAntRecords 1445 days ago

hahaha, you missed

annabearr11 1445 days ago

aww cute photo :)

BimmerKuken 1445 days ago

Love it! Hottt... Haha red coat! ;) Soo happy for you future Mrs. Jacobs...

rolltidewill 1445 days ago

You two are the cutest couple ever!

DuckahSaurus 1445 days ago

Awww <3

BeautifulxSwift 1445 days ago

Awww you guys are so cute!