Nick Groff


Executive Producer and Co-host Investigator for Travel Channel's Series, Ghost Adventures...Friday's at 9pm. I also Co-Founded GAC(Ghost Adventures Crew)

Time to conquer another location!

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1969 days ago

Time to conquer another location!


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roxiedoll92 1915 days ago

All the pics i see of you,you and aaron are always together never zack??? where is he when you do these things?? lolz

Alyssaa34 1968 days ago

Haha you guys are the greatest!! Come to New Mexico!!

GacNumberOneFan 1968 days ago

Good Luck!!

Devil_Doc 1968 days ago

Who's the guy with the beard and glasses next to Nick and Aaron?

steffylevina 1968 days ago

:) lol @ Aarons expression.

lauraluvslife 1969 days ago

As goodlookiN as ever! Be SAFE, remember you Beautiful Wife & Baby!!!XXOO

ultravi3w 1969 days ago

Nick where is ur stun n er shades?

gdcomptontorres 1969 days ago

Looks like fun!

marjory68GACfan 1969 days ago

be safe guys. happy holidays to you guys. i love you guys.

herrpiqu 1969 days ago

what did you guys do to Zak??? you shrunk his head. didnt think that was

Zakbeganslover 1969 days ago

Hope u guys r safe be safe

bansheekat 1969 days ago

happy trails to you!

sarabear85 1969 days ago

keep safe boys love the pic
peace out boys love ya

nrstamtam 1969 days ago

check out the Eschweiler Buildings in Wisconsin.

jennymae123 1969 days ago

good luck guys... lol... aaron's crazy... nick u rock... tell zak we all say hi.. :)

Ladyfox7oaks 1969 days ago

Drive safely, you crazy fellas!

Miss_Ali_GAC 1969 days ago

haha i love aarons funny faces..seriously how r u keeping a straight face with aaron makin faces? lol

_Monster_Bunny_ 1969 days ago

kool kool kool kool i luv it!!! <3

MxxxVVxxxM 1969 days ago

That's awesome. You are beautiful, and I can't tell you how gorgeous your baby girl is! Congrats, and go get those ghosts! Hi Aaron!

joe_991a 1969 days ago

hey nick.sorry i dont have a pic on here,but my name is joseph baker,i have a pick on facebook.anywho.HAPPY HOLLIDAYS!!!