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RIP "Shugy" Suge Knight Kirby, Age 2

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1808 days ago

RIP "Shugy" Suge Knight Kirby, Age 2


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OfficiallyPatty 1790 days ago

I'm so sorry....what a beautiful pup :)

faith4jesusmom 1808 days ago

poor pup so sad

SweetestPromise 1808 days ago

What a beautiful little baby. {To the person that took the life of this precious animal}
"God was watching you all the time".

CindyEatsYou 1808 days ago

The most vile people hurt animals and children. Horrible, I hope these people have been caught. I'm very sorry. He was adorable.

JacquieC1062 1808 days ago

OMG that is heartbreaking, I hope the S.O.B. who did it rots !!

sequatchiegirl 1808 days ago

This is so sad, poor thing, The violence in this country is getting scary, terrible thing to do.

blondie1952 1808 days ago

What a terrible loss. RIP, Shugy. There is no excuse for such a crime.

marlomitchell68 1808 days ago

I have a pom too this is so sad how could some one do such a thing ...:( RIP!

TamK24 1808 days ago

RIP little sweetie

MarieEdwards429 1808 days ago

omg so sad, poor little sweetheart. R.I.P

AshleyVC88 1808 days ago

OMG adorable! How could someone do such a thing!

auntie_mo56 1808 days ago

RIP Sweetie.