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Big Ben n Ryan Clark bought me a Big Texas Cinnamon Roll after the game, losing sucks :(

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1380 days ago

Big Ben n Ryan Clark bought me a Big Texas Cinnamon Roll after the game, losing sucks :(


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Dorrell48w 1322 days ago

iron Hi take a look at x t

CloieBieber 1372 days ago

Haha!! But you beat the browns!!

whodeycom 1375 days ago

That's rough, hatin' on the defense after they only allowed 9 points, I'll take that performance every week.

KathyHardy1 1376 days ago


Emo0529 1379 days ago

Bens big ass nose don't look too bad in that pic.

afrosheenqueen 1380 days ago

Big Ben prolly ate the rest of the pack. That's why he's grinning so big.

74angiegirl 1380 days ago

Sorry for your loss Ocho ... I <3 me some Big Ben! #GOSTEELERS!

HonkeysISHood2 1380 days ago

ohhh what the fuck?? lol i see how it is if u cant beat em join im jus clownin even tho we losing i still go hard for my bengals WHO DEY!

CPiper21 1380 days ago

Dude huge fan but that's gotta sting

arlissaleeanna 1380 days ago

yeah, but that jacket is hot

pnavajo 1380 days ago

I was really cheering for you Chad. Even though I'm a die hard STEELERS fan. I couldn't decide which shirt to wear. BENGALS 85 or STEELERS 43. I wore 43 but I held yours and swung it like a Terrible Towel..

whooptidooo 1380 days ago

I love this pic. :)

monieynvme 1380 days ago

It's called good workmanship. Man shake your haters off. Man u don't have to prove a point to nobody. U won some u lose some it is what it us a game.. its not u u did your part

iSpeakShwagg 1380 days ago

awww :) #gosteelers

reg_3 1380 days ago

Chad u can't do it all by yaself ya defense sucks and palmer just isn't getting it done

pputter 1380 days ago

OCHO, is that a parting gift for losing. You are so funny. At least your in good company.

jkill513 1380 days ago

haterz always have something to say!! keep smiling chad if u guys come back no bratkowski 2011 our yr

djterrawrist 1380 days ago

85 would look great in black and gold!!

PeoplesKoolAid 1380 days ago

So disappointed.

jbeautay 1380 days ago

yeah screw Pitsburgh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! friends or not!!! although black and yellow is my ish on the field we are sworn enemies dig that!!!!!