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2746 days ago


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alika72 2511 days ago

LOL!! aaawww..the baby wants to be rubbed n scratched!!! LOL!!! what a cute puppy!!

kristenashley09 2520 days ago pitbull, Roxie, does this...only shes about 40 pounds heavier than this

beladonna78 2584 days ago dog could be your dogs twin, infact I had to check to see if he was still here...creepy how much they look alike!

ruggie85 2660 days ago

My dog does this too lol too cute! Because of the spots on the tummy we call my dog a cow lol

nickiseagull 2734 days ago

the speckled tummy's adorable

Buckalooouuu 2741 days ago

So sweet

RockerMomInIA 2741 days ago

your dog husband... who knew they would both sleep in the same

micheleangelia 2744 days ago

This is such a cute pic! Our little Spanky laid like this alot! He had the same coloring. We had to put him to sleep a few weeks ago! So sad.

a_skelly 2745 days ago

that is too funny my cat lays like that!!!!!!

Lisa2994 2745 days ago

Too cute!!!! As if you didn't

arthajjoey 2745 days ago


Casensaunt 2745 days ago

My dog is a boy and sleeps like this!!!

jojomanna 2745 days ago

Not very ladylike - but still adorable!!!

dakotagirl0501 2745 days ago

to cute :)

LeslieFrd495 2746 days ago

wonder if it's a breed mom's dog does that too : ) too cute!

terri513 2746 days ago

He needs to learn to relax rofl... ;0

keyannasmommy 2746 days ago

very cute!

BabyCatcher2b 2746 days ago

Awweeee! Cute!

tonya872 2746 days ago

awww. how cute! reminds me of my poodle. :)

DebBee80 2746 days ago

Pets are hillarious! I always try to imagine what they're thinking (maybe she was trying to cool off) lol