Fred Durst


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2720 days ago


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enginemirhangur 2704 days ago

c'mon microphone fiend! we r waitin for u =)

danielkassner 2712 days ago

i cannot wait man...that is going to be the greatest day to hear you guys again!!!!

BrianAnderson9 2719 days ago

mmmm nice 58 Beta

ysndk 2719 days ago


Bizkits777 2719 days ago

uuuu this is gonna blow away, baby!

TheCrazyLirpa 2720 days ago

that is a site i also miss.... tear it up fred

SUPER_MARIO_ 2720 days ago

this is the most imporntant instrument in the band!!freddy d,s VOICE!!

KrisKrueger 2720 days ago

chek out my melody....

SmurphPTFC 2720 days ago

Gimme the mic y'all. :D

Smuterella 2720 days ago


ebridget 2720 days ago


6470 2720 days ago

r u gonna upload the rehearsal on

benhlt 2720 days ago

gimme da mic! cause i'm a microphone fiend!

StellarMILRock3 2720 days ago

Dude im tellin ya, bring it to MILWAUKEE, I want the roof blown off with FULL NELSON

thomaskunze 2720 days ago

try out AKG microphones. i worked for this company

beastingit 2720 days ago

damn, i've got the same mic. high quality shit.

sls76 2720 days ago

Tear it up yo!!

CarolaZerlin 2720 days ago

Nice!... Luv this pic!

DonniesDanish 2720 days ago

it's mic *LOL*