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dusthead 1960 days ago

BLB was/is good. at least it was SOMETHING from wes...if not in LB, you know?

danimyls 2184 days ago

why don't you share it with me??? Just one of them to make me happy for the rest of my life!!! XD

Dasha_RedD 2252 days ago


el_zaco 2253 days ago


enginemirhangur 2255 days ago

BLB sucks,LB rocks!

seemybeer 2260 days ago

where are all the ibanez?!!?!?

culboji 2270 days ago

4 string PRS, yeah bitch! :)

TheCrazyLirpa 2271 days ago

*sigh*.... i miss my guitar

verrecaz 2271 days ago

the 3th one beginning of left, prs is the nicest, i think it's one of fred durst

SUPER_MARIO_ 2271 days ago

get sum paint and cover that black light burns writing and replace with the one and only limp!motherfuckin bizkit!

KrisKrueger 2271 days ago

come and cover my heart, Wesley! =:*

KellyMcCaig 2271 days ago

the four string is the custom made baritone used to record nookie maybe??

PHazy87 2271 days ago

I believe the guitar closes to the cases is Wes' custom that he had made with Yamaha... Not positive but none the less it is beautiful

RGRoCkO 2271 days ago

nice guitars, and i like the fact that the cases are still saying black light burns (awesome band too)

joshenos 2271 days ago

Is that a PRS SE Custom I see? Korean Made but still plays good as hell.

chrisyong 2271 days ago

Wes, please bust out the Flying V at Download festival!

TheBlowfish 2271 days ago

. Yes. But I don't think you do....

SonriaSunshine 2271 days ago

Now that's sexi

Roflworthy 2271 days ago

Do you know what a bass guitar is?

TheBlowfish 2271 days ago

please tell me thats not a 4 string guitar??? Its a banjo right???? please tell me its a banjo and not a 4 string!!!