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Look at this beautiful penny I found

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1965 days ago

Look at this beautiful penny I found


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leeo0o6 1884 days ago


tonydecoste 1886 days ago

took me about a minute to find the penny... of course i wasn't looking for it at first, boi-oi-oing!

Mossback 1955 days ago

Drop that penny in the coin slot and see if a giant claw will lift her out of there. Beats the hell out of a teddy bear

JaceePettit13 1957 days ago

hahahaha David Spade.. I love you ur hilarious!!:)

IamJesse13 1961 days ago

hahahah David Spade, this is why you are my favorite

RevMichigan 1961 days ago

She looks like more of a "Keightlynne" to me... oh sorry, I seem to have mistaken the intention here

PseudonymousMan 1961 days ago

You crafty bastard!

MeanGene420 1963 days ago

Bad Ass Fucking Penny ....

NoWrryz 1963 days ago

there was a penny?

jkrysko 1964 days ago

I think Lincoln is staring at her ass.

balloontwitch 1964 days ago

ha-ha-ha! Almost had me fooled. I thought the girl's name is Penny.....

MasterAustin 1965 days ago


Julie333333 1965 days ago


MinorAnnoyance 1965 days ago

Man, that is some nice currency. I would spend that.

Elahe904 1965 days ago

So was that David or a Russell posting..sounds like Russell to me, hehe

Guest765 1965 days ago

A penny...yes, I remember when you could buy lingerie for a penny...

philanderson01 1965 days ago

Wow, that's one fine penney, can't wait to see what the next dollar you find looks like. : ) sweat!

thehulkgaz 1965 days ago

Oooh, cotton lingerie only $25!

kaemicha 1965 days ago

But, how are you going to get her out of that window?

mikpow41 1965 days ago

Keep your eye out for nickels and dimes too!