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Kansas City, IHOP, Friends, and 17 degree blizzard Snow. Love it all!

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1544 days ago

Kansas City, IHOP, Friends, and 17 degree blizzard Snow. Love it all!


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RareBeam 1344 days ago

IHOP! Have you ever gone to PIHOP? Pasadena baby!

Jennie1901 1382 days ago

sounds lovely Kel:)

dunmifflinfan09 1536 days ago


jilliandempsey1 1542 days ago

Blizzard? That's no blizzard? I think you've been in LA too long. ;)

takemealong4 1544 days ago

I had no idea you were in KC yesterday. Psh, you were probably at the IHOP I went to the other day too. i live about 10 miles from downtown. Next time you stop in, let us know, I'd LOVE to meet you! (:

Manderz2332 1544 days ago

Should have been here yesterday! Got two feet of snow!

Iwnttobeinurbed 1544 days ago

lmao!! :P I love ice skating!

Manda_Lynn_B 1544 days ago

aww.. I miss Kansas City.

StratasDream 1544 days ago

I miss snow! It was like my birthday when it snowed last year in Louisiana and it STUCK for two days!

marissakolf 1544 days ago

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow :D

Fedhislayer 1544 days ago

It will be a pleasure for me to talk with you, you seems to be a very nice and good person !!! I'm sincere !! :-)

Fedhislayer 1544 days ago

I'm happy for you for the fact that you love Kansas City,IHOP, Frinds ,and 17 degree blizzard snow !!! ;-) I hope to see you later Kellan ;-) !!!

Fedhislayer 1544 days ago

Hi kellan ;-) !! Personnally i prefer the sun but i love very much also you !!!;-)

canadayangela 1544 days ago

Man y r u hangin in KC, in this weather. At least get outta the IHOP n go to Vine for the real KC.

CandiceTreg 1544 days ago

That's not a whole lot compared to where I am. If you want more snow and more fun, message me!

VictoriaRmoraes 1544 days ago

I wish I was there, plus it never snows here in Brazil, alas, Kellan makes a snowman.

f1schneider 1544 days ago

Oh yes very much snow * lol *
I'm glad when the snow with us a little less ..
I hope my Englich is really.

HeyWorld3 1544 days ago

If you love snow you should come to Sweden:)

kessymaniak 1544 days ago

well if you love that much the snow, just come to the quebec... we have a second snow storm coming

mamzllrose 1544 days ago

neige beurk soleil tro bien XD LOVE