Jordan Francis


actor,singer/songwriter,dancer,choreographer,producer..I love what i do and wouldn't change it for the world

Credit goes to @DisneyRockBGS so much talent in Chile

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1889 days ago

Credit goes to so much talent in Chile


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hurricanevania 1831 days ago

Come back to Chile :)

Colpitts31a 1855 days ago

euphemistically dieting Hi take a look at

JordanatorChile 1856 days ago

:D! Greetings From Chile!!! WE LOVE YOU :)

FansWhoLovesYou 1862 days ago

Hey! Chile loves you! you have to come again :)

iamyourskevin 1877 days ago

Oh yeah, argentina wants you! <3

PennyLane_love 1883 days ago


alyssa73o 1884 days ago

you need to have one in boston, pleasee?? :]

HyperNemoJonas 1884 days ago need to come to florida :D

ClaraDiSanto 1884 days ago

Hope to see you here in Argentina again :)

MayaI27 1887 days ago

I am so coming down to attend that day! & its perfect cuz its finally during my break! :D

IttsCarolina 1887 days ago

Beautfull!!!!!Brazil love you!!!!

KamiJonection 1887 days ago

In Chile we love you sooo muuuch Jman ! Truuue ♥ You must come some day please!
Chile ♥ Jman :)

CantHaveYou_JJ 1887 days ago

i waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaant!!! but i live in argentina how make?

SelLuisiDemiJB 1887 days ago

good lucj

HellYeahIsDaani 1888 days ago

Jman Chile Loves You Man You Have To ComeBack SomeDay..!!

DanceUntilTMW 1888 days ago

Yes , You see.... In Chile there is so many people who loves you <3

SelLuisiDemiJB 1889 days ago

wow cool

JONASWORLD01 1889 days ago

Love It!!!