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2631 days ago


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ImInRockTrouble 2584 days ago

r adam and jav meant 2 b dancin or givin each other a hug can't tell.I like how kel and rich don't seem 2 have noticed. lol x

HayleyMarianne 2620 days ago

You lucky lucky f***ers!!! I'll get a backstage to something oneday!!!

WhatKayleighDid 2626 days ago

Very Niiiice !
I'm going to see them at Hampden in June !! CANT WAIT

cwmanan 2627 days ago


MadameHelga 2628 days ago

I wish I was there!! hope you had a great night!! xXx

carleymawhinney 2629 days ago

Hope you had a great time x

Nicole_Driggs 2630 days ago

How very cool!! I love how excited you guys were to be there. Very cute! What did you say when you met them ? Would've been endearing to watch you guys be a bit star struck as your fans are with you. So happy for you. xoxo

indie01 2631 days ago

ahhhhh rich looking cool, adam and javs being big kids and kelly just looks like hes still in shock!

maryphonica 2631 days ago

A mi me gustais mucho más vosotros!!!

adriladyluck 2631 days ago

JEALOUSSSS!!! But hope u had a blast! (las caras de felicidad de Javi y Adam: priceless jajajaja)

addictiverunner 2631 days ago

Someone's happy.....It's great when dreams come true ;-)

Lurkio38 2631 days ago

For those about to rock ......we salute you!

Nix4566 2631 days ago

Rock on boys!! So very jealous!!! x

ianstockley 2631 days ago

Respect...that's got to be the coolest place on the planet this evening

AlsiB 2631 days ago

LOL! That's what we do with your equipment! Have a brilliant time!

Elkypelky 2631 days ago

na na na nah thunder! => but not to much or Adam gets scared.
(i have a pic with "Stereophonics" on a box, how cool is that ;)

JulieC115 2631 days ago

Two members of the band are looking very overexcited!!! Have a great time boys!!

emamez15 2631 days ago

great pic, have an excellent night x

WonderStee 2631 days ago

I am so jealous.

linnyboo 2631 days ago

wow!! Adam and Javier are just not taking this moment seriously enough ! ;) lol