Logan Henderson


Had fun talking with you guys... Back to work now.
I leave you with a picture though.

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2083 days ago

Had fun talking with you guys... Back to work now.
I leave you with a picture though.


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LovesBTR 1909 days ago

i was there. I love you guys. i was dancing, singing, and jumping up down to see u guys.

adrisolano 1932 days ago

They look so cute, I LOVE YOU!

btrfan144 1957 days ago

nice pic logan!!

didiBtRfanTwin 1993 days ago

nice guys I hope you come to mexico ..

ninansam 2018 days ago

awww plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz follow me

Lulu14578 2025 days ago

logann fallow mee Please <33

Alejandratizada 2043 days ago

I would like to have been there :(

OLLG_JaSmine 2045 days ago

i love you logan!!!!

EmiSeesLifeX3 2051 days ago

Heyy :D im a big fan follow me on Twitter at EmilyHeartsBTR

Tupas09x 2053 days ago

znch Hi take a look at Look013.com

selenamurcurddy 2055 days ago

omg i love u sooo much logan

Des_Hope 2059 days ago

I'm a Huggee fann:) &&I hope yall have fun with everything yall do =). Could you please follow me.?? Anyways,,

The1Ashley96 2061 days ago

I'm A huge fan ; I love your Singing vOICE ; IT'S amazing (: can you please follow me (: please

lynnethvm 2064 days ago

LOGANN!:) can you follow mee:) please

TOOrandom_ 2065 days ago

nice picture....hope u had a good time!

kclever97 2070 days ago

omg that's a great picture(:

ForeverBTR 2071 days ago

:( Wish i was there! You guys are the best.

BigTKnucklehead 2072 days ago

You guys were amazing! I was there in the first few rows =)

SchmidtCrew 2079 days ago

i WAS THERE I WAS THERE! i was front row!!! :D

Get_Down_Rexy13 2080 days ago

Logan logan logan please follow me it would mean everything and then some to me <3