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Santa rides again

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1391 days ago

Santa rides again


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ItsPrincessOMG 1233 days ago

Hahahhahahah! That's funny! ROFLOL

Bella_Marie_H 1367 days ago

Thanks, Elijah is not gay, LOL, I think ist weird everyone thinks that :-/ Whats gay about him,,, Nothing

AudreyBeatle 1369 days ago

She knew she was wrong. Elijah, you are a wonderful person. Btw,beautiful poem .

Bella_Marie_H 1370 days ago

Now BrittBritt is gone LOL.. Weird. Stand behind what you say or don't speak at all.

Bella_Marie_H 1371 days ago

Put no one in jail before they have made a crime Read this, i wrote it http://twitpic.com/3kbt9c

Bella_Marie_H 1372 days ago

other wise you wouldn't care at all. Okay so let us play a new Game. Elijah Wood, is normal man with a normal life, that other normal people like us just give a shit about. Okay. Lets play that, thats sounds fun Right??

Bella_Marie_H 1372 days ago

, and Anglina Jolie is man in woman clothing, she just just tell anybody.... Is this how you wanna play the game huh..
And you what The reason why you give a shit is because he famous. right??

Bella_Marie_H 1372 days ago

If he's gay why should why can't he be that? and It's also a prblem when he is with a woman, well what can he? Okay then, I guess Brad Pitt is gay, he just don't know yet

AudreyBeatle 1372 days ago

Wow, You are unbelievable. I can't help you. Who cares what you say. Elijah Wood is awesome. kthanks

AudreyBeatle 1374 days ago

You are a disgusting person BrittBritt. Get a life. How much did people pay you to be an idiot?

AudreyBeatle 1374 days ago

My thoughts exactly for brittnasty over there.

iam_Tiny_me 1374 days ago

Why in gods name should he pay Pam Racine to be with him? and why should he be gay? moronic questions, it's not even your busines. Don't you have life next to twitter? live it instead it of this shit. Damm girl

JohnnyxClash 1378 days ago

When I lived in Texas I'd see more and more of these every Christmas...except he was usually wearing a cowboy hat too!

Isabelhbecker 1379 days ago


AudreyBeatle 1384 days ago

Well, tell him to come to my house, and bring me the entire Audrey Hepburn collection while he's out.

KimberleysWorld 1388 days ago

Hahaha Thats awsome!

laflamenquita 1389 days ago

Jajajaja ... ¡¡Que cómico!! Eso se llama creatividad.

TeresaDRose 1389 days ago

Lmao I don't think I've ever seen one of these! Where did you find it? Or did you make it? :p

EdwPatJadeOwl 1390 days ago

Is that a flashing chicken? What happens when it lights up? I probabaly shouldn;t ask.

9ladybugs 1390 days ago

Funny! Seems even Santa has to cut back these days.