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#dayx3 police dragged a man from his wheelchair in par sq 5 mins ago

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2264 days ago

#dayx3 police dragged a man from his wheelchair in par sq 5 mins ago


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keithpp 2260 days ago

Casualties of student fees protest http://t.co/tDXDUNy #ukuncut #demo2010 #DayX3

eastlondonlines 2260 days ago

Enhanced footage of police pulling disabled protester from wheelchair http://bit.ly/icLzTK

eastlondonlines 2263 days ago

EXCLUSIVE: ELL speaks to Jody McIntyre, disabled journalist dragged from his wheelchair by police. http://bit.ly/gt4IdV #dayx3

eastlondonlines 2263 days ago

Lots of debate about this. Please also see next image and 4:42 update on http://bit.ly/ehk7h6 for clarification

TalentCoop 2264 days ago

This emotive headline is not true - no matter how the picture is viewed.

Johnny_Edwards 2264 days ago

I was there and will testify wherever that this man and his friend/relative were pushed into the street and then the disabled guy was dragged about 15 feet

Mericity 2264 days ago

we were there and he was taken. thats something you dont see in the picture.

OneOfTheSmiths 2264 days ago

What being "dragged"??? I don't see the cops touching this guy much less dragging him.

Deprogrammer9 2264 days ago

It's time sisters & brothers, THIS IS OUR MOMENT!

abuelopaul 2264 days ago

I really don't think any normal human being would drag an invalid from a chair, let alone a police officer. More like this rebel with so much personal anger leaped out at the police to gather publicity, and as such has achieved his goal. Everybody lies.

HogandHosper 2264 days ago

The police officer must have huge hands, and where is the students hand? Stop using a photograph that's been taken at an angle to use as a weapon against the Government. I went to College and had to fund the whole lot. Its called 'get a part time job' My

tankgirlkerry 2264 days ago

from the guardian website

'4.42pm: We have an answer for the question posed at 4.02pm. The man pictured being pulled from his wheelchair is Jody McIntyre who, coincidentally, was interviewed in the Observer last month.

I spoke to his brother, Finlay, wh

Jock_Bastard 2264 days ago

Hit him on the legs! He won't feel it.

lilshortman 2264 days ago

wrong totally wrong

tomstorr 2264 days ago

"I spoke to his brother, Finlay, who says Jody was actually pulled from the chair twice."

KrisOnBass 2264 days ago

#dayx3 "police dragged a man from his wheelchair" - yeah, 'cos that's REALLY what it looks like is happening. [cough]bollocks[/cough]

Jilanio 2264 days ago

That's - A wonderful writer and seeker of rights.

emirrelevant 2264 days ago

Well they don't look like they're giving him cuddles...