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"Beach House" - icon design by Socko. (

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2117 days ago

"Beach House" - icon design by Socko. (


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salsipuedes69 829 days ago

"The lawn needs to be mowed at the beach house. It's tall enough to hide a tiger." (Ajay)

salsipuedes69 1172 days ago

I'm a surfer and prefer to go commando. Burf! - It's less embarrassing to change into a wetsuit at the beach.

salsipuedes69 1172 days ago

There are other intangibles that are important in any relationship; for instance: money, clean underwear, underwear. Smiles -

salsipuedes69 1172 days ago

"Angelina Jolie is a Babe, and if Brad is unwilling to honor her with his good name, than I will certainly be willing to hug her constantly in his absence." Puto - I bet they already had a secret ceremony. Too bad.

salsipuedes69 1216 days ago

Candice is on her way. Candice -

salsipuedes69 1216 days ago

Since you own the place, we won't fire you. Ajay -

salsipuedes69 1216 days ago

Waves are super clean at the beach house. Office session mandatory. Surf or get fired. Ajay -

salsipuedes69 1245 days ago

"Good evening," from the Beach House. wiggles -

salsipuedes69 1261 days ago

salsipuedes69 1276 days ago

Our thoughts go out for our troops overseas today. Socks - http://aramisdeceives.

salsipuedes69 1276 days ago

Clean 2-4' waves this morning at the Beach House. wiggles -

salsipuedes69 1289 days ago

Ad: Condos on the warm sandy beaches of Antartica still available. Smiles - Live the dream.

salsipuedes69 1339 days ago

After teachings the machines intelligence, next you'll have to teach them beauty tips. wiggles

salsipuedes69 1360 days ago

We all have a special relationship to our oceans. wiggles

salsipuedes69 1529 days ago

Why doesn't sand just fill up the bottom of the ocean and be done with it? ( Smiles

salsipuedes69 1577 days ago

Enter the door and discover your eternal wants. ( Cheap

salsipuedes69 1577 days ago

Our business card reads. ( Socks

salsipuedes69 1614 days ago

Very fortunate to have walked all over many beaches. ( Smiles

salsipuedes69 1629 days ago

One of those days when the sun is closer than the moon. ( Ajay

salsipuedes69 1629 days ago

"Welcome to the beachhouse." ( Said it best and got a job. wiggles