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Blue Rag N Blue Eyes

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1890 days ago

Blue Rag N Blue Eyes


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kjlee6648 1886 days ago

맞어 힙합의신

Nelizz1 1887 days ago

The god of HipHop

ERNiEtalavera 1889 days ago

pass da bud BiG DAWG hey iF yu HIGH LiSTEN TO REGULATORS-WARREN G thiz Chit goes Bomb ES LBCz

Frantyesco420 1889 days ago

light the grass just because I'm the nigga smoke crack smoke going up going up we'll just smile

MARIANA25LOPEZ 1889 days ago


jbeautay 1889 days ago


MichelleTayloor 1889 days ago

whooo, loving the colour. You have my favourite colour on (:
& Lovely T-Shirt. no doubt :P

Workira 1889 days ago


makarova1love 1889 days ago

present me your caaaap =\

Mariwai 1889 days ago

u are da man

Christineparis1 1889 days ago

Threre you look on a better mood

David__Garza 1889 days ago

Nice my nigg.

AngelaMRam 1889 days ago

Nice Nice...Stay fitted = ) Would it be too much to ask for a reply bk or follow? = )

kris10777 1889 days ago

hat of the century

liipiih 1889 days ago

MaraVelisse 1890 days ago

Puff Puff Pass.. ;) I got the biggest crush on you!! Mm mm mm..

CCherry_Bomb 1890 days ago

AMAZING PICTURE!!!!!!! so fitting! <3

Gina_Love_JB 1890 days ago

nice haha please follow me

Yelo_Fever 1890 days ago

my nigga snoop! this man the reason I started rappin in 93

lagonbleu2011 1890 days ago

Yeah great pic ,i like that...