Jill Wagner


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2577 days ago


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Rayne_S 2561 days ago

One advice...LESS LUGGAGE LIGHTER SUTICASE hehehehe....I reat my case hehehe

gotobob 2576 days ago

I could fix it the right way, then inevitably, it would break again. I could apply my magic remedy for almost everything which is tape and superglue, and it will last a life time. Unfortunately, some will think you're of low economic status. I say, screw

Kyle21186 2577 days ago

Definitely broken, hope your trip back doesn't completely break it. Enjoy your time in NC

Kcscottkc 2577 days ago

let us know what airline?

LobsterJustin 2577 days ago

I hate when that happens....not to me, cause I'm cool with it....I meant when it hapopens to everyone else.....cause than they look at me......I have sympathy for burroughs, thats all I'll say.

breespawn 2577 days ago

just be thankful you got your luggage at all ;-) dont worry, its just part of the qirks to traveling

srvctec 2577 days ago

You know, I could fix that for ya, except you're hundreds of miles away from here. ;O)

travis68charger 2577 days ago

Jill i hope your luck turns around for ya.If anything atleast the bad luck has hit ya already and not while your at home.Look at it as the glass as half full.

supersetgreg 2577 days ago

just look at this as an opportunity to throw the broken handle at your brother. i'm a problem solver. lol