Super Junior 이동해


-Super Junior- 이동해 연기 , 무대 , 버릴수 없다 ....

괜찮아 아빠딸 본방사수 중^^ 재밌게봐주세요^^

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1976 days ago

괜찮아 아빠딸 본방사수 중^^ 재밌게봐주세요^^


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JinSeungA 1949 days ago

Superjunior's translated twitter and you can also translate it

ELFTripleS4ever 1952 days ago

Love Super Junior and oppa alots!
Always supporting Super Junior!!

G_ShieY 1953 days ago

AyameHyuga: I'm not being harsh to you but just to remind you that DongHae is a famous singer and he doesn't really have enough time to spend in front of the computer.. So,I'm sure that DongHae Oppa APPRECIATES what you have done..

Sometimes,we are too

AyameHyuga 1960 days ago Oppa plz say something plz plz I beg on u ,god bless u plz say something ,comment on my painting I need ur words^^ احببببببببببك

AyameHyuga 1960 days ago احبك للابد يا دونغ هاي I trust u from all my heart,I can give u really my eyes u're the best for me and U will stay the best LOVING U Oppa احبك ..ARAB ELF

AyameHyuga 1960 days ago

Oppa u can make me happy just say thnx or one letter here I was tired to paint it,do u think I don't desearve a word ?just a word Oppa. ARAB ELF .Ayame احبك

AyameHyuga 1960 days ago

My talented prince with new drama,wow Baby u're great I m happy for U.Donghae Oppa Fighting احبك دونغ هاي .سوجو فايتينغ للابد انت كل شىء بالنسبة لي Saranghae Fishy

0228apple 1960 days ago

0228apple 1960 days ago

東海 Merry Christmas ^^ 2010.12.東京迪士尼聖誕節煙火秀 Tokyo Disney Merry Christmas fireworks show

0228apple 1960 days ago

You Tube ..ok ^^ 101220-101222 東海&厲旭-像現在一樣[繁中字幕] Super Junior 東海 ..沒關係,爸爸的女兒 괜찮아,아빠딸 OST

MYSmile00 1960 days ago


JinSeungA 1961 days ago

Superjunior's translated twitter you can also translate theirs!

2hchansoot_k 1962 days ago


Sweetmerita 1964 days ago


taiwanelf1011 1965 days ago

It's a good drama!! I have saw it!! Very touching!!!

einasteph29 1965 days ago

yeah!...gwaenchanha appa ddal ~ it's okay daddy's daughter! ^^
donghae oppa fighting! ^^

flonimae 1966 days ago

I think it says "appa", his drama :)

Lucidity89 1967 days ago

It's your drama, right? I know. Fighting! #justice4SJ

minnyToT 1967 days ago