Officially Steve-O.

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Natas908 1532 days ago

NICEEEEE!!!! looks like he broke your eyebrow aswell lol so cute its like a kid when they fall over :?s

kolyanidze 1768 days ago

ого! ото так подбили

STEVE_O_ROX 1867 days ago

aww! well your still cute! :D

Tayluhsaurus 1887 days ago

This is THE cutest sad face picture I've ever seen. :3

ChiaraCentrone 1966 days ago

oh my god! that probably hurts a lot! i saw jackass 3D a few days ago, it's wonderful! LOVE IT

knoxvillefan101 2004 days ago

How did this happen?

jaelstone 2017 days ago

awww. still gorgeous as ever though :)

miss_horror 2018 days ago

what ridiculous stunt were you and Bam doing that resulted in a broken nose?

JackAssWannabee 2034 days ago


besserk 2051 days ago


Oliviaftwman 2052 days ago

Haha last week i broke my nose with a nose ring in it. xD

Madmoiselle_B 2052 days ago

What are the risks of the job, How did you it's thee? (Sorry for my crappy english but I'm French) ^^

Kimgax3 2053 days ago

You're still hot and sexi Steve-O. ; p ^^

ComanderUnknown 2056 days ago

Awww, poor steve-o :(

lilfoxy28 2057 days ago


Joelleyyyy 2057 days ago

omg wow even with a broken nose you're still hot ;)

GemmaRae 2057 days ago

that is one sad, broken nose pic...

wsdrewdavis 2057 days ago

Yeah dude!!

jmimichelle 2057 days ago

Awwwwwwwwww. THIS is what you and Bam were telling me about? OUCH!!!!!

Mehthisis 2057 days ago

I guess that hurts :'D But what doesn't hurt in jackass