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1380 days ago


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G_ShieY 1356 days ago

A very curious picture.. Hmmm.. O_O" I feel like touching that mirrored-globe thingy.. Haha~ <3

bananapout 1359 days ago

Oppa Your so creative:)))) Good luck studying!

tin_wookSJelf 1363 days ago

와우!하지만 무엇인가요?

MYSmile00 1367 days ago

مافهمت ايش دا

urSMl 1375 days ago


Angwook 1375 days ago

que es??

AndreaDanED 1376 days ago

I think it is a model of a stadium =)

sara3nghae 1376 days ago

^^ nice&cool&butifull !! but what is it ^^!

superich96 1377 days ago

What that ????

moonface8 1377 days ago

melindabluELF 1378 days ago

I like your sapphire blue Phone ^^ (But i don't understand what's this?)

annie_lyn02 1378 days ago

What is this?...

tofumallows 1378 days ago


Vecku 1379 days ago

i don´t understand but I like your sapphire blue phone
Always sapphire blue jejeje ^^

NoOoNa_111 1379 days ago

What's That ???

SuJu2428 1379 days ago

what's that??.,by the way.,it's cute!!

ai_sungmin 1379 days ago

오빠이게뭐예요??음....게임??아주 독특한보세요 ᄋ.ᄋ

lappy_aiscream 1379 days ago

hmmmm...0_0' (confuse)

noonz_13elieve 1379 days ago

what is that?

kytherline 1379 days ago

ehh ? what is that oppaa ? o.O