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Chilly-ass Spirit Fingers! Comin' to ATL, GA in Jan.! BIO

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2000 days ago

Chilly-ass Spirit Fingers! Comin' to ATL, GA in Jan.! BIO


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Ari_Itaa 1967 days ago

Elizzza Love you babyy We are praud for you
Te duaa shume <3

Watsonxo 1981 days ago

um WWW2000 is being a douche... youve still got a steady one.

WWW2000 1991 days ago

we all know your fanbase has left you due to who your with. very sad i guess we have use people get money

marty_j_ 1992 days ago

Sparky Polastri would be pleased with those spirit fingers (^_^)

RLFox5x5 1999 days ago

nice, u owned that movie!! luv the gloves btw, i hav some 2 :P

Kdakmmt 1999 days ago

I loved the movie, but a musical?

Zephyra73 1999 days ago

I'm with some of the others and cannot believe they made it a musical! You do look very cold.

LauraAustralia1 2000 days ago

must bring back memories for you

davidannino 2000 days ago

I love Bring It On! Car wash scene... nice bikini.

LennyTC16 2000 days ago


Into_the_Never 2000 days ago

You look so cute when you're cold! Love the glove/mittens. Can't believe they turned it into a musical lol <3

ari_dushku 2000 days ago

OH WOW! I just watching Bring It On just NOW! You look so adorable <3 love youu

LiL_ALiEn 2000 days ago

only ever liked the first feel never took to the second or third one hehe. You make it funny =p...dam i wanna watch now need to steal DVD off my sister =p

RowdimusMaximus 2000 days ago

Bring it o the musical!? Awesome, I was just trying to find a clip from that earlier today.

anwcoo 2000 days ago

hope the light of the sign is giving up a little heat for you

RAVENKC 2000 days ago


Dskersick 2000 days ago

haha love the bum gloves! I rock those myself sometimes.

LilFuffy 2000 days ago

Awesome! Still one of my favorite roles of yours! Love musicals, but without ya just wouldn't be the same.

_EmeraldArcher 2000 days ago

Omg!! Bring it on the musical??? lol thats awesome. You look adorable and very cold lol