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I had a dream last night that I was "17 Again." This is what I looked like.

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2239 days ago

I had a dream last night that I was "17 Again." This is what I looked like.


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khanhlinh911 1860 days ago

I love this :)

Naydeeners1989 1900 days ago

HAHA! Ya know, I bet that if 17 Again had a sequel, they should put you in it Ellen.

Miss1Brianna 1952 days ago


pato_pardini 1996 days ago

jaja it is so funny!! i love zac efron! but this is so funny jaja

alice_sofie 2112 days ago

uhasuhuhasuhasuhasuhasuh ta muito bem feito e muito egraçado ELLEN VC EH DEMAIS!

Ely_Ville 2112 days ago


yelic15 2119 days ago


Rejiaku 2120 days ago

Thiiiis Iss Tooooooooooo Funny...Cnt Believe Yuu Actually Boiied Out Urself Lyk Dat..Ur Such a Jker xx

suziejonas 2120 days ago

hahaha your silly

brittanyarena23 2120 days ago

awww pretty cooll

lady_vanishes 2120 days ago

This has to be one of my favorite pictures you've posted.

__KarO 2120 days ago

haha nice =D

carolkassygal 2122 days ago

very good!!! LOL [2] BR

marinabrazils2 2122 days ago


bamtd 2126 days ago

HAHA that's brillant!

Jessyvenezuela 2139 days ago

Oh my god ellen , you are so funny. Thats good, even better then zac efron poster... aww shnap... jajaja. OH GOD!!! XD

Jessyvenezuela 2139 days ago

Oh my god ellen... you are so damn funny.. Thats good XD, even better then Zac Efron Poster, jajajaj. Oh God!!!

kdbug7 2140 days ago

Love the hair. Lol!

misspatzxox 2140 days ago

haha very funny

nicolegonar 2150 days ago

This is quite weird but ok...lol