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Americans just parachuted to a village not reached since #haiti quake:

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2001 days ago

Americans just parachuted to a village not reached since #haiti quake:


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KiraTaiPei 1992 days ago

Which village and where in Haiti?

glynnguinn 1993 days ago

Read more about the work this organization is doing in Haiti at
Last week they saved an orphanage of 30 children in remote Haiti by delivering antibiotics on the back of a donkey.

glynnguinn 1993 days ago

More info on what this charity is doing to make sure remote parts of Haiti receive aid. Last week they saved an orphanage of 30 children!

glynnguinn 1993 days ago

Way to go, Jon Snyder and Bahamas Habitat! This great video explains what this charity is doing in both Haiti and Bahamas to deliver much needed aid.

Kmascara 1995 days ago

That's my DAD!! Doing a great job!!!

BlackPearlCreat 1995 days ago

I can only assume it's in a hilly terrain that is just not accessible...??

Ringo63 1998 days ago

The area is very remote and it takes 1 1/2 days to get there. All these volunteers started work on the airstrip quickly with the wait.

3kv 2000 days ago

Seems like one of those Aid-Worker "Because We Can" actions. Were those Pararescuemen? (PJ's) jump a lot and have combat medical training. They could get a flight from Florida, drop, and the flight can go home. A helo would have to land and refuel in Hait

aidg 2001 days ago

Why not just drive, or take motos, or donkeys? You could bring more gear for less money? How are they getting out? Seems like a waste of money? Haiti isn't a war zone.

Benjaminnv 2001 days ago

Very Risky?

ernest402 2001 days ago

Be careful Ann if you are jumping hope the people of haiti get's the help they need take care love ya

revbc 2001 days ago

Better late than never! What took us so long to do this???