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I miss my dog but its nice to know he has more friends than I do. (second from right)

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2268 days ago

I miss my dog but its nice to know he has more friends than I do. (second from right)


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nycrox 1824 days ago


Jerial_Morning 2207 days ago

So sorry you had to leave Sweeney/makes me sad too! I know he wonders where you are..

OliviaMar2010 2249 days ago

The second to last on the left....His expression, it says so much. I'm in love

Cherylmacn 2265 days ago

He has lots of friends because he is cute. My dog looks like him a bit

SnowByte 2265 days ago

Ah, He's a cutie. =)

Ursula007 2266 days ago

Looks like Sweeney is thinking "I'm here but I don't know if I should be" he looks lost and hopeful!

PAMsLOvE 2266 days ago

♥♥♥♥Awww...Big Smiles =D♥♥♥♥

CaesarsWife 2266 days ago

Animal magnetism at its best!!!

(((One more time: contraction ("it is" to "it's") requires apostrophe)))

UgandaRainbow 2267 days ago

Awwwwww so cute :)

BSBFan_Belle 2267 days ago

What a lovely photo of Sweeney and his friends!

twitsor 2267 days ago

Aww they're adorable!!

SongEchoes 2267 days ago

I luv ur sense of humor :-) u sure have many loyal friends and at least 4 billion potential ones :-)

SongEchoes 2267 days ago

such a sweet and friendly dog Sweety-Sweeney :-); no wonder u love him so much&I'm sure he luvs u 2

CaptDiane1 2267 days ago

I think Sweeny has your eyes, or maybe you have his?? :)

empathseeker6 2267 days ago

Did the photographer say "show tongues please?"

CaptDiane1 2267 days ago know how they say that a dog & their owner start to look alike..well Josh?? You both are adorable!

Iroshika 2267 days ago this pic....

mellygregory 2267 days ago


_RobinQM_ 2267 days ago


mazeri 2267 days ago

I'm sure he misses you too. He's gorgeous!