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Hey gang, I just thought you all might want to see what a supposed fan thought was a good plan.

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2089 days ago

Hey gang, I just thought you all might want to see what a supposed fan thought was a good plan.


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TinyLonnie 2002 days ago

Fair game? Doesn't sound like a fan with much respect then. More of a stalker then fan yeah

Zippythree 2051 days ago

J2 weren't aware...And that makes it better? :p

Zippythree 2051 days ago

Fair game? Yeah, that comment reflects 'great respect'. Not.

Krodderd 2070 days ago

The boys are not animals for a photo safari. Forget the lady, she is not important.

roquerz 2079 days ago

WTH! I guys need their privacy of course. I mean they are normal people to. If you're a true fan you should respect the guys privacy.

K_knows 2088 days ago

This needs 2B reported 2 the law not 2 fans we cant do anything about protecting the Js

K_knows 2088 days ago

The obsessed fan is bad, but UR bad 2. This is not fan's business & violates Js privacy 2.

Nel4o 2088 days ago

What?! Was this a joke?! The boys have the absolute right to have their privacy and they don't need to ask for it!

PUDDING_JERK 2088 days ago

OH CLIF. I think that you're just as bad if not worse for making this public. So, don't try to take the moral high ground.

padaleckilovers 2089 days ago

And plus: someone should tell the guys what you doing around here, "speaking for them". Put yourself on your place, Cliff. What are you thinking posting THIS? First, you make that Stephanie Ackles very, VERY famous paying attention to her, Now you do this

padaleckilovers 2089 days ago

Cliff you know what? You SUCK. You'res trying make SPN fans look like demons. I really afraid when I think about what you say to guys about us. He's just a photographer and you're not a RP. You're a bodyguard.

vicki_araujo 2089 days ago

every right to keep their privacy intact.
Also some supposed fans seem to be hungry for a pic of J and J proving that their padackles theories are true.

vicki_araujo 2089 days ago

The thing is: people actually buy the "work" of scumbags like that guy. Being an actress myself, I keep reminding folks that an actor is not fair game just because he/she is famous. Fame is just a fortunate result of a job well done, but artists have ever

NicSNfan 2089 days ago

And it saddens me even more that you posted this publicly. You're putting them in danger, Clif.

NicSNfan 2089 days ago

This is no fan, it's a paparazzi. It makes me sad that some can't tell the difference. (cont)

slashgoddess 2089 days ago

This happens every fucking day in town. Don't make it sound like it's new. What shocks me is that what a fucking idiot Jared and Jensen have hired that thinks it is a good idea to flash your clients' business out in public. JJ are so lucky to have you.

jaredinackles 2089 days ago

LOL Pot meets kettle, you are no better

cjab1234 2089 days ago

That is no fan. What an idiot.

BadWolf722 2089 days ago

This jerk is a scumbag stalker.

MiseryXchord 2089 days ago

Holy cow... I'm a professional photographer and jerks like this make people think anyone with a camera is a scumbag. I hope someone files charges against him for attempted extortion of a photo op in exchange for not siccing stalkers on the actor's locatio